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P1020079An independently incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, The Herald has been financially independent from Brown University since 1975. As an independent newspaper, The Herald receives no funding from and has no formal connection to the University. On-campus distribution is free, with daily operations funded by advertising revenue. 

As an independent newspaper, The Herald is completely free from censorship or governance by the University, providing an independent voice for Brown students. As an independent company, students also have the extraordinary experience of running a small business. The Herald corporation is governed by a board of alumni and current student leaders.
P1020098Current Herald board members:
Michael Corkery '97
Chaz Kelsh '11, Secretary
Claire Kiely '11, Vice President
Katie Koh '11, Treasurer
George Miller '11, President
Patrick Moos '02                
Amy Ryan '99
Juliette Wallack '05
Jamie Wolosky '05
A list of all current Herald leaders is on our masthead.
The Herald is in the midst of developing a new infrastructure for the newspaper: a digital archive of our work, an investment in keeping the best students involved in the production of Brown's paper of record, and the creation of an alumni network — because once you've worked at The Herald, you're always a part of The Herald.
Check out The Herald's major projects:
Digitization Project -- Financial Aid Initiative
Mentoring Program -- Alumni Directory (must register for access)


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