Herald Mentoring Program

The Herald continues to attract new generations of students to its office. While current Herald leaders continue to provide new and continuing staffers with advice and support, we have introduced a mentoring program pairing Herald alums with current staffers to offer advice about life after Brown while keeping alums in touch with what is happening on campus. When you register to join Since 1891, you can indicate your interest in participating in this program, and feel free to e-mail us at alumni@browndailyherald.com with some details about you: your current field of work, locale, and a short introduction about your interests to match you up.

n1001745_30791352_2263"Speaking with someone who is debating the pros and cons of a career in the field has given me a new perspective on my own experiences as a young reporter and newspaper editor. While I've tried to provide guidance, the truth is the student I mentored has helped me as well. I've found it very valuable to share thoughts and insights about the many changes in journalism with someone who is still able to consider things with a fresh eye. In addition, being an alumni mentor is a great way to keep in touch with what is happening in student journalism and stay in contact with the next generation of reporters and editors." -Gabriella Doob '07

biophoto"I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know a young, enthusiastic Herald writer who shared so many of my interests. It helped me reconnect to The Herald and Brown." -Marcella Bombardieri '99, Boston Globe reporter



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