Financial Aid Initiative

P1020079Brown's paper of record is produced by a completely volunteer student staff, many of whom have to make tough choices about how much time they can devote to The Herald because they have to worry about financial matters. This is particularly true given the current economic climate.
Started with seed money from a generous Herald alum, the financial aid program pilot began in 2006. Stipends are awarded on a need-based, confidential basis. Help us keep the best students involved in The Herald!
“Put simply, the Herald's financial assistance program allowed me to embark on one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. The significant time commitment needed as a member of the Herald's editorial board precluded me from taking part in a work study or part-time job. Luckily, it was at that time that the program started, allowing me to step into my role as executive editor without having to make a financial sacrifice.”Chris Hatfield '06, Executive Editor
The Brown Daily Herald is seeking gifts to fund our confidential financial aid program in perpetuity. 

Gifts of any amount will support and advance this project. All gifts to the non-profit Brown Daily Herald, Inc. 501(c)3 organization are tax-deductible.
A gift of $17,500 will endow one semester of Herald financial aid student stipends. A total of $500,000 would permanently endow the financial aid program.
  • "As I started my work at The Herald, I wrestled with the time constraints and challenges of having a part-time job on campus as well as devoting my time to the newspaper.  With the assistance I received, I was able to embrace the opportunities at the Herald and give more of my time and effort that would otherwise be spent at another job. The fact that alumni and donors recognized the passion that I have for working with the Brown Daily Herald makes it an honor to have received this gift.” —Anonymous, Class of 2011
  • “For me, the math was pretty simple. I wanted to take on a larger role at The Herald, but I couldn't afford to give up my student job.  The Herald's financial assistance program gave me the breathing room to become more involved with campus journalism. Working at The Herald was one of the most rewarding and educational opportunities I have ever had. Without the help of the paper's alums and the financial assistance program, I would not have been able to have the wonderful experiences that I did.”Ross Frazier '09, Editor-in-chief
  • “The program is important in that it benefits existing staffers, but it is also important in that it makes The Herald more likely to attract all types of Brown students. A newspaper staffed by students from all socioeconomic backgrounds is more likely to produce stories that affect students from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and the financial assistance program helps ensure that as many backgrounds as possible are represented on the masthead.”Anonymous, Editor-in-Chief
  • “The Herald continues to be a unique environment on campus for students to develop business leadership and accumulate valuable experience. The financial assistance program allows The Herald to recognize distinguished leaders who commit enormous energy and time to its continued success. Certainly the program afforded me the option to continue to make The Herald a priority while dealing with the financial reality of school. Thank you for your support."Darren Ball '09, General Manager

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