It is my great pleasure to introduce you to The Herald's newest set of leaders. At our annual banquet on December 4th, we welcomed the 120th Editorial Board and the newest business, editorial and post- magazine leadership. You can read more about them here, in an article published in the last 2009 issue of The Herald.

In 2009, The Herald has doubled the size of its digital archive and made tremendous strides towards ensuring that Brown's best and brightest can work on the The Herald, regardless of their financial circumstances. I am so grateful to the 119th Editorial Board and outgoing General Managers for their support and hard work to this end and I am excited to have such a committed group of brand newHerald alumni!

We are making steady progress towards our goal for the first-ever Brown Daily Herald Annual Appeal: $10,000 by New Year's. I am thrilled to report that we are only $2,500 away! I hope that you will help make the inaugural Annual Appeal a success.

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