As Herald production for 2015 draws to a close over the next few weeks, we’re writing to share some of the journalism and new projects The Herald is most proud of from the last year. In the spring, we published a series of investigative stories on an alleged date-rape incident at a Phi Kappa Psi party, a sexual assault case, and the University’s handling of those two cases. We also published a summary of the entire episode, including the campus response. The Herald was first to report that Brown revoked Bill Cosby’s honorary degree. We’re also excited for a series of stories on mental health at Brown that we’ll be publishing over the course of the last three weeks of production.

The Herald’s redesigned website went live in March, featuring a cleaner aesthetic and more opportunities to engage with and share content directly from article pages. As we continue to improve our online products over the next six months, the desktop version of the website will see a few more changes to its layout, and the mobile website will undergo a complete overhaul.


This year also saw the launch of several new platforms for Herald content. We now have a weekly email newsletter, Brown Bites, that delivers the week’s biggest news in more manageable chunks and a more informal tone. You can subscribe to Brown Bites or our daily newsletter to stay acquainted with news at Brown and with The Herald’s coverage. We also launched a photo essay blog, The Foreground, in September, and a new Instagram account is slated to officially get off the ground this week.


Despite all this positive work, the month of October was a challenging one for The Herald, as two opinions columns reignited long-standing criticism about The Herald’s history on race and its lack of diversity. Amidst this controversy, our efforts to diversity our staff — both racially and socioeconomically — have become more important than ever, as we seek to better represent and cover the Brown community.


With that in mind, we ask for your support for The Herald's Financial Aid Initiative, a critical program that allows us to attract and retain a talented and diverse staff.


As you know firsthand, The Herald is an integral part of many students' Brown experiences and requires a significant time commitment. The Financial Aid Initiative ensures that every dedicated student can be involved, regardless of financial need. Through grants of up to $1,250 per semester to staff members with demonstrated financial need, the program allows students passionate about their work at The Herald to do so in place of a work-study job or other time-consuming, financially imposed burden.


Developing and maintaining a diverse staff is not only the right thing to do; it’s also core to our mission as journalists seeking to cover the Brown community fairly, accurately, and comprehensively. With your help, we hope to raise $15,000; this amount will allow us to meet all staff needs for the spring semester.


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